Pakathon Returner's Program
The application process has a simple 2 step process:
Application - Enter by filling out the application form
Video - Submit a video no longer than 2 minutes in length about your company

Terms and conditions

Only open to for-profit entreprenuers.
We reserve the right to cancel or decline the program to any startup participating

Questions? Reach us on
Your team/company name *

Please enter your full name ("you" should be one of the co-founders/leaders of the organization) and role *

Please enter an email address where we can reach you *

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Please add a youtube video with the founders describing their idea *

Instructions for video:
Video should be named in this format: Pakathon-Returner's Program Team Name. The video does not require any editing. The founders can record it on a laptop and speak as if they were talking to a person in front of them

Have you ever participated in our hackathon? If yes, who was the Pakathon City Lead for the event? *

Please provide a short bio of your team and explain how well you know each other *

Briefly describe the problem your organization will address.

Describe how your organization will solve the problem described above.

Explain the causes of this problem and why the problem still exists.

Describe the specific product(s) or program(s) your organization will implement to solve the problem.

How is your idea innovative compared to others addressing the problem? What is your competitive landscape?

How will the lives of the target population be better because of your organization’s work?

Link to website or prototype

Please provide an example of your ability to overcome adversity

When do you plan on moving back to Pakistan? What preparations have you made for the move?

How much money do you anticipate you will need in two years to reach the level of growth you described?

Describe how you expect your organization to grow over the next two years.

How will you measure the success of your organization?

Do you have a preference to focus on one problem in depth or do you like to be involved in multiple projects at the same time? Put another way, are you a specialist or generalist?
Give an example of either approach.

Please provide 2 references and their contact info (email and phone numbers) *

What skills or experiences demonstrate that you will be able to attract money, people, and other resources to your organization?

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